Sunday Banquet

FAQ Regarding the
May 5, 2019 Sunday Dinner Banquet
@ the Cowboy Way Jubilee

Where is the Banquet being held?

The Banquet will be held at Heritage Hall in Downtown Ardmore. It’s about 3 blocks from the event venue.
Heritage Hall
220 W Broadway St, Ardmore, OK 73401 (580) 226-3764
Here’s the google maps link:


How do I sign up?

Download and fill out a 2019 Registration Form and get it to us quick! Seats for the dinner are selling out!

How much does the dinner cost?

$29.99 per adult, $24.99 for ages 17 and under, ages 5 and under are Free.

When table seating is sold out can I still get a ticket?

Yes. You may purchase a “hold your plate” seat for $24.99 a person. The Sunday Banquet is being held in an indoor coliseum so there is stadium style seating all around the dinner floor. AFTER all the floor seating is sold out, you may purchase a “hold your plate” ticket. This provides you a seat in the stadium area where you can see and hear all that goes on but you will not be seated near a celebrity. These seats will not be available until all floor seating is sold out.

How is the seating arranged?

photo credit: Mike Portnoy, Twitter

The Heritage Hall in Ardmore is  sort of an indoor coliseum — it has a large floor area, a stage, and then stadium style seating on 3 sides. Rectangular tables will be arranged in rows on the floor with a maximum of 384 seats (325 seat tickets available for sale). Aisles will be narrow, only 6 feet wide to provide as many seats as possible. Additional seating for up to 1,000

Will I get to sit with (insert celebrity name here)?

Seating is assigned on a first come first served basis. All table seats will be assigned. You may ‘request’ a particular celebrity but there is no guarantee your request can be honored.

I want to sit with (insert friend’s name here).

To sit together with your friends at the Sunday Banquet, please indicate this on your registration form. Simply write “Sit” by the Banquet check box, then list your friend(‘s) name(s) on the back of the Registration Form. PLEASE write neatly, we’re not mind readers!

What’s for Dinner?

Casa Romo Cocina Mexicana of Ardmore is catering the Sunday Banquet. There will be chicken, pork, and vegetarian (not vegan) main entree selections as well as rice and beans and other side dishes.

Is this a sit-down dinner or what?

Yes it is a sit-down dinner. But no, you will not be served. The dinner will be served buffet style. Tables will go through the buffet line in order. If you have a walker or motorized aid certainly one of your fellow diners will assist you. We’re a very friendly, helpful bunch, that’s the Cowboy Way!

I am on a special diet, I cannot eat (insert names of foods here).

Vegetarians will be easily accommodated with our Mexican themed dinner. And gluten-free individuals may also find satisfactory food solutions. Unfortunately we are not set up to offer customized meals. Dinner will be served buffet style — you are free to choose which foods you eat from the available selection. You are welcome to inquire about specific allergies by calling the restaurant in advance of the dinner (580) 224-9526 (note, they are normally closed on Sundays).

Is the Sunday Dinner Banquet handicap accessible?

Yes. there may be a threshold where we may need to assist navigation but otherwise the Heritage Hall floor area is completely handicap accessible. IF you have special seating needs please tell us at least ONE WEEK in advance so we may accommodate you. Otherwise it’s luck of the draw. Please note, the stadium seating is accessible by stairs only.